First Boston Capital Partners

First Boston Capital Partners, an affiliate of The Grossman Companies with offices in Quincy, MA and Southport, CT, extends private loans to builders, developers and real estate investors in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York. We provide short-term bridge capital for acquisitions, ground-up construction or renovations secured by non-owner-occupied residential or commercial properties.

Property TypesCommercial Properties and Non-Owner Occupied Residential Property including spec homes, subdivisions, condo conversions, etc.
Loan typeAcquisition, Ground-up Construction and Renovations, Land
Collateral TypeFirst Mortgage, Second Mortgage, Joint Venture Equity
Geographic AreasMassachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York
Loan Size$200,000 to $15,000,000 (from $10)
Loan Term6 to 18 months
Interest Rates12% to 14%
Loan to ValueUp to 75%
Origination Fee2% to 3%

For more information, please contact:

  • David Grossman
  • 617 472 2028
  • Chris Michaud
  • 617 657 5788
  • Benjamin Stillwell
  • 617 657 5784
  • 978-807-8789

For information in New York and Connecticut, please contact:

  • Michael S. Basile
  • 203 788 5659

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